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Our History

Swimming has always been an instrumental part of founder's, Cardesha Lyons life beginning from the age of 3. Amongst the actual act of learning to swim and participating competitivly in the sport, it has taught her discipline, structure and the benefits of hard work.

On completion of her BSc. at Nova Southeastern University, in Sports and Recreation Management, she consulted top administrators in the field and delved into research on creating a program that would allow swimming to flourish from the ground up.

She desired to create opportunities for persons within swimming to not only teach someone to survive, and possibly to compete, but to assist in holistically developing children as they will walk away with many life lessons being involved in the sport. With over 50 years of combined experience in swimming, WAVE Swim School forms from a family that is highly involved in this aquatic realm. With experiences from administration in learn to swim and competitive swimming, to the perspectives from coaches point of views, as well as the perspectives from past and present national swimmers.

When you have lived, breathed and slept swimming all your life, it shows.

Our Mission

To allow everyone an opportunity to experience the joys of water and all the benefits that swimming entails; health, safety, fun and fitness.


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Our classes are small and tailored to each individual. Children are engaged and interested.

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Each adult has their own personal goal when it comes to learning to swim. We are here to help you fulfil it; step by step.

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Cardesha Lyons

Lead Coach
BSc. Sport & Recreation Management

Cadean Lyons

Lead Coach
BSc. Psychology

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