Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does it take to learn to swim?

Everyone is different and there are varying factors that can influence the length of time you learn to swim. Some include; how often you swim per week; your comfort level in the water; physical fitness etc. The range of learning can be between 1 week - 2 years.

What is the earliest age I can enroll my child to swim?

At WAVE Swim School, we teach kids from age 3

How many people are in each class?

For Beginner and Intermediate Children Learn to Swim Classes, the maximum number is 3 swimmers per coach. For Advanced Children Learn to Swim Classes, the maximum number is 6 swimmers per coach.

When can I sign up for lessons?

Anytime, once we have availability! We teach year round!

What do I need to bring to classes?

Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes, swim caps and water. Goggles are optional.

Why should my child take swimming lessons year-round?

It helps our swimmers maintain and improve their swimming skills and knowledge of water safety

How long are the swim sessions?

Children Beginner and Intermediate Levels are 30 mins swim sessions; Advanced levels are 45-60mins swim sessions. Adult Swim Classes are 45-60mins (Contact 868-682-5452 to schedule a free assessment if you do not know your child’s swim level)

Do you offer discounts and/or packages?

Yes, contact us for more information at 868-682-5452 or waveswimtt@gmail.com. We may be able to curate one just for you!

Basic Questions

What if I join in the middle of the swim cycle/term?

No worries! We’ll adjust your payments as needed to ensure that you’re not overcharged. Classes are also tailored for each person so you don’t miss out on anything.

How do I pay for lessons?

Bank transfer or bank deposit is preferred. (Online credit card option coming soon)

Why do you charge in advance?

Paying in advance, or on your specified deadline date, is the only way your spot is reserved for the swim program you have signed up for.

How do I change the date and time of my lessons?

Talk to one of our friendly team members by calling or WhatsApp 868-682-5452 or email waveswimtt@gmail.com

What happens if my child is less (or more) advanced than the other children in his or her class?

All our class sizes are small, and our coaches are specifically trained to handle this situation. Each child is given individual attention and the lessons are tailored to suit each person in the class. However, there are instances when the coach will discuss switching to another class with you.

Do I need to change classes when my child changes levels?

We try our best for your child to keep their usual day and time for class, despite his or her level. However, this may not always be possible. In this event, one of our team members will discuss the best alternative option for you.

Do I need to pay more once my child advances to another level in the Learn to Swim Program?

Beginner and Intermediate Learn to Swim prices are the same. The cost increases once your child reaches the advanced level of Learn to Swim.

How do you charge for your year round program?

Clients are charged per swim cycle. For the usual 12 week cycle, there is the option to pay a full discounted cost upfront, or to choose a payment plan to be paid in 3 parts

Does my cost change if I will be absent from a session??

No. Once you are enrolled in the program, your spot is reserved for the entire duration of cycle. Paying your full cost is the only way to ensure your spot in the program.

Policy Questions

Do you offer make-up classes?

Make-up classes are only guaranteed if the class was cancelled by WAVE Swim School. In the event that we are unable to schedule a make-up class, the cost of the class will be deferred to the next cycle.

Are there classes on Public Holidays?

During the swim cycles, WAVE operates 7 days a week, including holidays. This is so as one missed day can cause swimmers to regress, especially for those swimming once per week.

Those who will not be able to make it to class on a holiday, must let us know at least two days in advance so we can assist with scheduling a makeup class for you. Please note that the make up class may not be scheduled the same week the swimmer will be absent.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are given ONLY if classes are cancelled by WAVE Swim School AND there is no option of a make up class. No refunds on discounted classes/packages etc.

What is your withdrawal policy?

Persons who wish to withdraw from the program, can receive a refund on future classes they would have had scheduled. Clients must notify us immediately by sending an email to waveswimtt@gmail.com. If one withdraws less than a week before the next scheduled class, the refund will not be issued to that class, but any class thereafter.

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